In the late 18th century, poet William Cowper wrote, “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour.” From large wineries to small farm-gate operations,
the Westside Wine Trail offers locals and visitors a taste of just about everything the Okanagan wine industry offers. Experience organized tasting tours at large wineries like Quails’ Gate then move to an intimate setting like Rollingdale where the wine shop and tasting bar are inside the cellar. Bring your own lunch and enjoy their wine by the glass in the picnic area.
Many Westside wineries provide unique dining experiences. Tapas are featured at Little Straw Winery’s Barrel Top Grill while the Red Fox Club at the Indigenous World Winery serves unique Indigenous-inspired food.
A new addition to the Westside Wine Trail is Tuesday Sips. Each week a specific varietal is chosen, and wineries offering that varietal will feature it in their tastings. Guests can compare how each vintner has crafted their particular vintage. Check the Westside Wine Trail website for further details.
For something completely different, sign up for OK Yoga on the Vine at the Beaumont Family Estate July 20. The evening begins at 6:30 with a glass of wine followed by a 50-minute yoga class. A tasting completes the evening. The cost is $25 including the glass of wine and the tasting. Sign up early. This event always sells out. Yoga events can also be enjoyed at the hatch and Off the Grid Organic Winery.
To update William Cowper, varietals give life flavour. Because the Westside boasts some of the oldest, most established vintners in the valley who have property or work with other growers up and down the Okanagan, visitors to the Westside can experience a range of varietals without ever leaving the area.
Enjoy a summer of diversity on the Westside Wine Trail.