“They know my name, they know what I like and I love the friendly, casual and local vibe,” says Bench Market regular Ian. “It’s like the Central Perk on Friends. I can pick up some great grab and go items on my way to work and have a chat with the staff. The food is great and it’s healthy.” Ian’s go-to favourites are breakfast burritos, eggwiches and granola bars.
“The Bench Market has so much local support for a reason. They have also managed to capture both the local and tourist markets, which is not easy to do.”
September 16th is The Bench Market’s 4th anniversary under the helm of Stewart and Heather Glynes and it’s a day to celebrate with their regulars. “We appreciate the support of our locals so much,” says Heather. “We love having visitors to the Okanagan stop by but it’s our locals that we rely on year-round. It’s fun being a nice part of their day.”
Another regular, Gina, says The Bench Market is the place for the best Veggie Benny and coffee in town. “It’s the consistency and quality of food and the friendly staff that brings me back time and time again. There is a good energy here. It’s a relaxing place to be even when they are crazy busy.”
And for Al, it’s the chocolate – chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes and the decadent brownies that call his name. “I really enjoy talking with the staff. My wife asks for recipe advice from Stewart who always makes time for her, and I exchange movie recommendations with the baristas.”


Pictured: Is your mouth watering? The Bench’s Breakfast Burrito.