Envision beautiful gardens guarded by forested hills. The din of Oliver’s Highway 97 replaced by the medley of songbirds. The gentle buzz of hummingbirds. From the wineshop, look down on the Okanagan, the hustle and bustle of the valley below.

All the stress that comes with travelling the valley quickly disappears here at this hidden gem in the north of Oliver. You can relax in the shadows of a tiny chapel tucked beneath the trees after tasting some award-winning wines.

This is Hidden Chapel Winery, nestled in the hills, one quick turn off the highway as you enter Oliver from the north. It offers, in addition to its impressive tranquility, a diverse portfolio of wines including a large number of those award-winning, well-aged reds for which the South Okanagan is so famous.

Patrons will also discover a rich array of white wines, both off-dry and dry, as well as a rosé and sparkling wine to pair with that warm Okanagan sun on the patio — or maybe while resting upon the shores of one of the valley’s many sandy beaches.

And after a few glasses, one will surely be prepared to participate in the first annual Chapel Challenge. This scavenger hunt and obstacle course sends participants through the gardens and into the vineyards, challenging their wits, problem solving skills and their sobriety! (Be sure to bring a designated driver.) This fun, lighthearted event is held in late September and is suitable for all types of competitors. Participants are encouraged to register online, by email or phone, and start preparing for the event.

You can do so with a bottle of the 2017 Made of Honour, a sparkling Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec based rosé that’s delicious, bubbly and quite literally pops with a strong hint of strawberries and spice. hiddenchapelwinery.com