Owners Fred Farinha and Alex Nunes were both born with an understanding of wine. It’s in their history and blood.

As a boy growing up in a Portuguese village known for its wine and olives, Alex recalls climbing inside the wine barrels to clean them and being paid a candy. He says that kind of experience “sticks with you.”

Fred grew up on the South Okanagan land where Adega now sits, surrounded by his family’s orchards which specialized in tree fruit. He remembers his family making wine with an old press and laughs recalling how they used Californian grapes. Nowadays Fred and Alex tend to 28.5 acres of vines, monitoring the grapes carefully, but with minimal interference.

They grow grapes that are balanced and reflect the unique terroir of their vineyard. Though the winery is only seven years old, tree fruit has been grown here since the 1940s. Both owners feel this influence is reflected in the flavours of their wines. Take for example the hint of apple in their famous Riesling. All their wines are known for being fruit forward with a dry finish.

This brand of old world charm combined with new world innovation is the secret of their success. The estate is committed to quality over quantity, producing only 4,200 cases a year.

This season they’re releasing both the 2016 Merlot and Cabernet Franc early. The Merlot is delicious and tastes of blueberry and plum. The Cabernet Franc has notes of raspberry and cherry with a peppery finish. The new releases express the smoothness and balance that the estate’s wines are celebrated for.

Remember this is small batch winery with a dedicated following so make a visit soon to avoid disappointment. You won’t regret it. These people really know how to make wine.