The Slamkas really are the shining example of a family-run winery.  There are two generations of them involved in this bustling business – from root to bottle and from wine shop to table, you are bound to meet at least a couple members of this friendly family while visiting!  The three Slamka brothers Pete, Ric and Tim along with their wives Lynn, Sue and Tina wear various hats on the vineyard/winery as well as involving their children in the mix.

However, there are a few non-Slamkas in the crew including Chef Trevor Mayhew who is at the helm of the Barrel Top Restaurant located on the second floor of their wine shop.  Cozy and quaint, there are patio tables looking over the vineyards onto the lake and a great menu focusing on local cuisine.  Incidentally, Trevor recently won for ‘Best Dish’ served at the local Spot Prawn Festival at Manteo Resort – quite an honour, especially given the competition on site!

Chef Mayhew comes to us from Alberta and is reveling in the creative, local cooking he can produce while living amongst the farmers.  Trevor says that he loves “cooking with fire”(hence the outdoor grill at the restaurant).  His new passion has been using the grapevines to smoke various meats and dishes that really gives the cuisine a vineyard spin and also provides a good use for the clipped vines.

A former stand-up comedian, this chef will also be able to provide some entertainment while dining, if he has time.

Winemaker Pete Slamka keeps him busy in the cellar in his other role as assistant winemaker.

 ~ Jennifer Schell