Trevor Mayhew might be the luckiest guy in the Okanagan. He’s Little Straw’s chef, assistant winemaker and soon to be new dad.
From September to May, Trevor is hands-on in the winery working closely with owner and winemaker, Peter Slamka. For the first time since 2010, they’ll be releasing a small batch of Select Riesling. And, with grapes from the oldest Auxerrois vines in the valley, they’re proud to be the only producer of Auxerrois Icewine in North America.

Winemaking involves waiting, so while in the winery Trevor uses any spare time devouring cookbooks looking for inspiration. “Working with the wine; as it develops, so do the ideas for pairings.”

The fruits of his inspiration will be available May 1st when The Barrel Top Grill opens for daily tapas and light lunches from 12-4. Starting June 15th, dinners will be served Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5:30-8:30. Reservations are recommended.

Trevor is delighted to welcome back Baylee Roed, a graduate from Okanagan College’s Culinary Arts program. This year, Baylee will not just be assisting, but will be taking on some more creative responsibilities.

One challenge Trevor has set for himself is to create more “celiac friendly” dishes. Having worked 5 years at Edmonton’s Celiac Society, Trevor knows how difficult it can be for those with celiac to find terrific tasting meals to suit their needs.

Set aside a day in May to meet Trevor, and the Slamka family, taste the new releases and creative cuisine at Little Straw.

~ Sue Harper