(photo: The Poppadoms ladies (l-r) Aman, mum Jas and Jasmin.)

While you wouldn’t know it by the hours the Dosanj family devote to perfecting the popular Poppadoms, it seems like only yesterday that they were new to the restaurant industry. Fast forward a few years and Poppadoms is on the culinary radar nationally.

This summer, highly regarded Canadian food activist and expert Anita Stewart invited Poppadoms to be part of Food Day Canada, held on August 2. Aman Dosanj said, “We were the only Indian restaurant, so we’re really proud to be part of this celebration in praise of Canadian cuisine and those who make it possible.” Poppadoms also participated in Summerdine, August 6, a fundraising initiative of the BC Chapter of Les Dames d‘Escoffier, joining over 40 restaurants across BC to host a table in its own setting for the garden-themed culinary event. Additionally, Poppadoms paired with Okanagan Spirits for the Okanagan Feast of Fields, which raises money for Farm Folk City Folk.

Aman celebrates nearly a year of being full-time in the kitchen. She will feature a special menu in September on Grandparent’s Day honouring her Grandma and lovingly adds, “It’ll be her dishes through my eyes.” It’s an exciting time at Poppadoms with three strong women heading up the business. Jasmin has stepped into the Bar Manager role keen to preserve a local focus on Indian-inspired cocktails and continues to develop the wine list and pairings to complement Indian food exquisitely. In the fall, the menu will switch to capitalize on winter vegetables and slow braised meats.

~ Roslyne Buchanan